Four Popular Nigerian soups and their Health impact

Nigerian foods are known for their highly intense aromas and spicy flavors. As you probably know, lots of Nigerian cuisines tend to contain a large proportion of lean meats, vegetables, and whole meats, and these ingredients contain some healthy nutrients for the human body. Little wonder why even non-Nigerians are becoming obsessed with Nigerian dishes. Of course, they are tasty and also offer ample health benefits.


Edikang Ikong 

Edikang Ikong, alternatively referred to as vegetable soup, is a traditional Nigerian soup that is full of fresh vegetables. This soup is native to the Efiks who can be found in Akwa Ibom and Cross River states of the country. The soup is made primarily of pumpkin, tomatoes, and onions.

Regularly consuming fresh vegetables such as those found in Edikang Ikong, it can also reduce the risk of stroke, certain cancers, and digestive system problems.


Egusi soup 


Egusi is a popular West African dish that takes its name from the seeds of plants like melons, gourds, and squash. After these seeds are dried and grounded, they become a major ingredient for making Egusi soup. The soup is usually eaten with pounded yam though it can be eaten with other swallows.

Some of the health benefits of Egusi soup include:

  • Skin Improvement as it contains antioxidant properties that help to fight aging and slows down the aging process.
  • Appetite improvement.
  • Aids digestion—bowel movement is made more comfortable after eating a sumptuous meal of Egusi soup.
  • Prevention of malnutrition as Egusi soup keeps you nourished due to the different ingredients used in preparing it.
  • Maintaining good heart condition—Egusi contains unsaturated fat that is good for the heart. This helps significantly in reducing the risk of heart diseases by ensuring blood cholesterol levels are balanced.

Okro soup 

This soup is a delicious food in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. It is prepared with okra—palm oil, goat meat, fish, shrimps, and African spices all simmered to mouthwatering perfection.

Okro has many health benefits such as: supporting improvement in coronary and cardiovascular heart diseases and even some types of cancer. Okro also helps in improving eyesight and is a highly nutritious source of protein. It also contains several minerals and vitamins as well as dietary fiber.


Ogbono soup

Ogbono, which is the Igbo name for bush mango seeds, is also called apon in Yoruba (South-West Nigeria). It is known to be a very rich source of iron, protein, ascorbic acid, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, amino acids, sodium, and phosphorus.

Ogbono is known to help lower cholesterol and increase gastrointestinal activities.


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